Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chocolate Brownies for Shahilah

Iskk3.. dah lama x bertenet.. Meaning, dah lama gak la x update Blog/FB ku ini.. really busy weekends.. busy with orders, kenduri, family n so on... Finally today got time to update & reply email.. Tell u what, kalu ada order yg nak i urgent reply, just sms or call me k.. Kalu email, takut x sempat bukak.. Anyway, check out below order.. :)
My next order was from Shahilah at Wangsa Maju.. Shahilah ordered 2 Full Tray Brownies, both topp with Chocolate Drizzle, Almond Nibs, Almond Flakes n Chocolate Rice.. Special order for her Frens Engagement Day... So thoughtful of u dear... Deliver to her sis at Wangsa Maju.. Thanks for ur order Shahilah dear.. :)

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