Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Fruit Tarts for Linda

Lohh.. x sempat lg nak update yesterday.. Smlm mmg busy giler.. Lps bake, gi deliver & pos order to Shah Alam.. Today relax sikit.. Tomorrow till Monday, balik kg hubby.. Got kenduri.. For those yg place order weekends ni, dun't worry, I'll deliver tomorrow.. Yg lain2 so sori x dpt accept order u guys.. Next time InsyaAllah..
2 set of Baby Fruit Tarts ordered by Linda from Melawati.. Linda also request to add Strawberry & Grapes on top of those fruit tarts... Actually Tarts ni as a hantaran for her client.. Linda ni Wedding Planner.. Deliver her order at One Utama.. Hope her client satisfied.. Thanks Linda.. :)

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