Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chocolate Moist Cakes & Brownies for Nor Azsikin

I'm deeply sorry for being away for quite some time... I have been 'anak tiri' kan this blog... To focus & more updates on my Facebook 'Azi Rush' (please add me, ya).. Wonder if my followers & fellow readers are gone...Please don't.. I'm still around.. huhu.. Like always, I'll try my very best to update the blog as much as I can.. Ya rite!... I mean it.. huhu.. Anyway, check out below order.. :)
My next order placed by Nor Azsikin from Sri Damansara... Syikin ordered 1 Half Tray Chocolate Brownies topp with Choc Drizzle & Assorted Toppings.. Plus 1.5 Kg Chocolate Moist Cakes topp with Choc Ganache & Chocolate Flakes.. Spesel order for her to makan2 at kampung... Deliver her order to Sri Damansara... Thanks 4 ur order ye Syikin... :)

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