Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chocolate Brownies for Fina

Happy Deepavali to all of u that celebrates... Long weekends for us that don't celebrate.. hehe.. must be ramei yg take the opportunity to balik kg.. Happy Holiday guys.. meanwhile, check out above order.. :)
Alhamdulillah, repeat order by Fina from Subang... Fina ordered 4 box of Full Tray Chocolate Brownies topp with Chocolate Drizzle and Assorted Topping.. Special order for Anak-anak Yatim at Puchong (forget to ask the name of the centre) sempena bulan Ramadhan al-Mubarak.. It's so nice of u Fina, bersedekah to the kids... May Allah bless u always... Thank you for ur endless support dear.. :)

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