Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chocolate Brownies for Yasmin

When was my last update.. let see.. last thursday??? almost a week already.. huhu.. Since I took a week to update one entry, dunno when I'm able to clear my lib pics... Tell u the truth, my collection of order pics that I have not yet update, begin from June.. Now gonna be end of October...pheww.. Anyway, check out above order.. :)
One of my late update... Brownies above ordered by Yasmin from Kedah.. Yasmin ordered a Full Tray Chocolate Brownies topp with Chocolate Drizzle and Assorted Topping.. Special order for her frens, Shikin in Saujana Utama... Since Yasmin can't make it for Shikin's function, she send my brownies as a gift.. so sweet.. Thanks alot to both of u.. :)

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