Friday, July 9, 2010

Chocolate Brownies n Baby Fruit Tarts for Liza

Salam Jumaat everyone.. May today bring all the happiness to u guys out there.. Skejap dh weekend semula.. Makin busy la daku.. hehe.. xper, busy tu rezeki.. Anyway, check out above order..
Alhamdulillah repeat order by Liza from Saujana Utama.. This time Liza would like to try a set of 30pcs Baby Fruit Tarts and 2 set of Half Tray Chocolate Brownies topp with Chocolate Drizzle with Almond Nibs n Chocolate Rice.. Spesel order for Picnic & her Hubby's Besday... So sweet of u Liza.. Deliver to her house at Saujana... Liza dear, Tq for ur endless support.. :)

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