Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chocolate Brownies for Azie

"Rain-rain go away.. Little Azi wanna play.. rain-rain go away.. Little Azi wanna play.." Hujan ptg2 ni, tarik selimut syok wooo.. Tp x leh, ada lg keje x settle.. Xper, esok rest day, bole titon sampai petang.. haha.. Anyway, check out above order.. :)
This Half Tray Chocolate Brownies which topp with Chocolate Drizzle, Hearts Candy Topping and M&M's, ordered by sis Azie from Kelana Jaya. Order for makan2 with her family... Deliver to her at Kelana Jaya.. Thanks 4 ur order Kak Azie... :)

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