Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chocolate Brownies for Salwani

YEEESSSS!!! Finally, I'm back !! After 1 week of silent, finally my miseries gone!! Mana x misery nya 3G *****m ni asik buat hal.. langsung x bole online.. kejap ok, kejap x.. Nak update blog lg x bole.. Last2 fed-up giler, I straight away change my services provider.. haha.. puas hati !! Now I'm proudly using Maxis Broadband..amik ko, siap promote lg.. geram sungguh dgn services provider yg lg satu tu... Ok, now back to my order..
Brownies above, belongs to Salwani from Alam Budiman.. Salwani ordered 1 Full Tray Chocolate Brownies, topp with Chocolate Drizzle with Almond Nibs n Chocolate Rice.. Special order for a function at her house (I lupa function apa..huhu)... She personally pick up her order at my place.. sgt sweet orangnya.. Anyway, Thanks 4 ur order dear.. :)