Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Fruit Tarts for Nelly

"In the day, In the night, Say it all, Say it right, You either got it, Or you don't, You either stand or you fall, When your will is broken, When it slips from your hand, When there's no time for joking, There's a hole in the plan..." Bestnya dgr lagu Nelly Furtado petang2 camni... Lama x dgr sbenarnya.. Nasib baik nama my next customer reminded me.. hehe.. Jgan marah ye Nelly dear..
My next order was from Nelly at Bukit Jelutong... Nelly would like to have 1 set of 30pcs Baby Fruit Tarts.. Nelly also request to add Strawberry & Kiwi on top of those fruit tarts... Pick up her order at my place.. Comey orangnya... Thanks ye Nelly...

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