Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cupcakes for Zura

"Blue is the colour, football is the game, We're all together, and winning is our aim, So cheer us on through the sun and rain, 'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name..." Perghh.. terbakar FC lain bila dgr lagu Chelsea ni.. hehe.. termasuk la i.. MU tetap dihati..haha..

Alhamdulillah repeat order by Zura from Desa Coalfields.. 16pcs Vanila Cupcakes topp with Buttercream and 'Chelsea FC' Image... Special order for her Hubby's 32nd Besday..So sweet of her to surprise her hubby thou she's on 'berpantang' rite now... Deliver to her at Desa Coalfields.. May both of u live happily ever after... Thanks for ur order again dear...

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