Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chocolate Brownies for Kak Laila

Emm.. Dah 2 hari x update blog ni.. busy sket.. A Full Tray Chocolate Brownies topp with Chocolate Drizzle with Almond Nibs n Chocolate Rice ordered by Kak Laila from Saujana Utama.. K.Laila wanted to place the brownies into 2 boxes so that she can bring to 2 different places... Deliver to her house in Saujana Utama... Actually K.Laila ordered last February.. hehe.. since I just found her file & others yg order masa february, baru leh upload ni.. Sori ye semua.. Try my very best to upload asap.. huhu.. To K.Laila, tq sudi order ngan saya.. :)

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